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Pests to Pets: Swallowtail Butterfly Farm

It is a widely known (I hope) fact that Monarch Butterflies are in danger due to Milkweed annihilation. Letting Milkweed grow is a wonderful conscious step to remedy this problem. Milkweed makes pretty flowers and usually grows away from the garden in a flower bed or in a field as a weed. Swallowtail butterfly, on […]

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Life Beyond Trash and How to Do It

In our seemingly endless efforts to reduce our impact, as well as monthly bills and dependance on outside services, a few months ago we made the scary step and cancelled our trash service. What would replace it, we hoped, would not be a trash filled garage, but an efficient system of composting, burning, recycling and […]

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Transplanting onions

We have a very late start this spring, with frosts well into April! However, its time for first transplants of the year – our onions. We are growing two heirloom types: Stuttgarter and Cortland. These are short-day varieties well suited for Northern gardeners, with pungent flavor and are THE BEST winter keepers. I will be […]

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Late winter and spring surprises

Our gardening this year was started by us trying to find our garden. Under of three feet of snow. Its a first for us. Another surprise this spring was finding a hidden nest of duck eggs in one of our planters under the tarp cover on our porch. We still have no idea how they […]

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New Year, New Garden

It’s a new year, new garden and a new attempt to keep the updates regular. Let’s make this happen. So, you know the feeling. That feeling that creeps up on you in the middle of dead winter – its time to start my seedlings! So despite the 3 foot-deep snow outside and the negative degrees […]

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Raising Ducks

This year we have decided to pick up a couple of ducks along with our first batch of chickens back in March. The duck breed was not marked and we are still not sure whether they will migrate or not. For now, we are just enjoying the time we do have with them. They are […]

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In the garden: June

It’s amazing to realize its been a month since i took you on a visual tour around the garden! I personally survey it every morning and afternoon and am amazed at all the changed that happen on daily basis to all the plants. Nature is truly a marvelous thing. Peas came in well this year, […]

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Trellising peas

Peas are, no doubt, the highlight vegetable of the month – the first to bloom and bear fruit in the garden! As we live on a windy hill, we prefer short/bush type varieties and still like to provide additional support for our peas, especially once they start bearing pods. In the past we used chicken […]

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Growing potatoes

Growing potatoes is very rewarding because, unlike most vegetables that provide garnish, potatoes actually provide meals, which makes them very important to any self-suffciency goal oriented gardener. When planting potatoes, it is important to plant seed potatoes that have not been treated, like most store bought ones. We think its important to go for organic […]

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In the garden: May

Last week we have passed the date of the last frost here in Eastern PA. This means we are in Week 1 of the post-frost growing season. Lots have happened over the last few weeks and we cant wait to share it all! So – what is growing in the garden this week? Peas look […]

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