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The Jar of Life

Professor of Philosophy stood up in front of the class of students, got out a glass jar and placed a couple of stones into it to fill it up.
Then he asked the class:
– Is this jar full?
– Pretty full – answered the students.
Then the professor got out some dried lentils and poured them into the jar, filling in the empty spaced between the stones.
He asked the class again:
– What about now?
– That looks pretty full. – answere the class.
Then the professor took out some sand and slowly poured it into the jar, filling all the empty spaces.
– How about now?
– Well, now it is most definately full, sir! – answered the students.
So then the professor got out two bottles of beer and slowly emptied them into the jar, saturating the sand.

Professor paused and then said:
– Now I want you to understand  that the jar symbolizes your life.

The large stones – the most important things in it, such as health, family, friends – your life’s foundation.
Lentils stand for the things that are important to you personally: your work, house, car, hobbies.
And sand stands for all the other little things that fill your lives.
If you pour the sand into the jar first, there will not be any room for peas or stones. The same with your life – if you fill it with little things, there will not be any room for the vital ones. Its is very important to prioritize and fill your life with things according to their value: most important first – and  only then the rest.

At that the professor started cleaning up and put away the jar.
But then one stundent raised her hand:
– But sir, what does the beer stand for then?
The professor smiled.
– Well, thats simply to show you that no matter how full your life gets, there is ALWAYS room for two more bottles of beer.