In the garden: June

It’s amazing to realize its been a month since i took you on a visual tour around the garden! I personally survey it every morning and afternoon and am amazed at all the changed that happen on daily basis to all the plants. Nature is truly a marvelous thing.

Peas came in well this year, with the first batch being done and second ripening close behind. And not counting all the wonderful greens (lettuce, kale, spinach, parsley, dill, mustard greens and radishes) the next exciting big thing we are looking forward to are the potatoes, which have been now twice hilled (or in our case, “filled”) and are starting to flower.

We have also been overwhelmed by the chamomile flowers and are having an impossible time keeping up. Our house is filled with drying chamomile!
Its seeded freely from last year and in most placed i left it to grow, because its called “garden’s physician”, making all plants that grow next to it healthy 🙂 And as an added bonus, ladybugs love it – might be because aphids do to! – but ladybugs in the garden means less aphids and less potato bugs. So yes to chamomile all the way!

Lettuce in the shade of second year carrots getting ready to flower.


All cabbage family love fragrant flowers/herbs. Here is kohlrabi cozy next to chamomile.

Our potatoes peaking out of their 2′ trenches, right before second hilling, which filled in the trenches completely (we did 2 fillings, 1′ each)

Our barrel potatoes grown as an experiment this year are incredibly huge and beautiful. We are excited to compare the harvest from the barrel and the garden this year.

Broccoli baby with beans.
Doing my best to keep the broccoli cool during the warming months. Not sure it will make it before getting too hot and going to flower. But since its not the leaves, but the roots that get hot (!) will attempt to keep the roots as cool as possible by keeping the soil wet and under a layer of grass at all times.
Also planning on a big fall broccoli planting as well to stock up for the winter. Have started the seeds indoors along with some pumpkins and winter squash.

This is a baby caterpillar Swallowtail butterfly. We raised quite a few of them last year. They feed on carrot family plants: carrot leaves, dill and parsley. If you have some extra greens in your garden, let the caterpillars feed on them, especially carrot leaves, as they usually get discarded. Or put together a small caterpillar sanctuary in a small aquarium inside the house and watch them transform into butterflies before your eyes.

Parsley is so wonderful!

Our pea teepee has turned into quite a pea bush! The peas have swallowed the trellising and seem very happy growing as a bush.

Pea jungle!

Kale patch. Juicing it, making kale chips and putting it in stir fry!

Our second lettuce patch of the season next to peas and green onions.

flower bed
My beautiful flower bed right int he garden – edible – borage, calendula and poppy flowers! Impatiently waiting for blooms to open!

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