Trellising peas

Peas are, no doubt, the highlight vegetable of the month – the first to bloom and bear fruit in the garden!

As we live on a windy hill, we prefer short/bush type varieties and still like to provide additional support for our peas, especially once they start bearing pods.

In the past we used chicken wire but were unhappy with the results, plus it did not look attractive. We considered using nylon netting this year, but the cost plus the plastic aspect of it made us wish for a better solution.

In the future, my goal would be to provide natural growing support for plants needing it via complimentary sturdy plants, but until we figure out that plan, we decided to go with a rustic approach this year. (Click here to see how our trellising worked out when the peas got to be fully grown)


We gathered deadfall stick and branches from nearby forest, making sure they were clean of fungus and bugs and constructed teepees and trellising with jute. Now we have a very organic and mostly free trellising landscape, which can easily go into the compost or the fire pit once done!

Also, this is a fun project for kids to help drape the jute netting for the peas to climb on.

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