In the garden: May

Last week we have passed the date of the last frost here in Eastern PA. This means we are in Week 1 of the post-frost growing season.
Lots have happened over the last few weeks and we cant wait to share it all!
So – what is growing in the garden this week?

Peas look great so far!


Here they are happily inter-planted with carrots!

Of course, no spring would be the same without asparagus! We inherited the asparagus bed from the previous owners and have enjoyed it this season a few times already. We prefer it very simply – steamed or lightly boiled. Such a unique simple flavorful delight!

The parsley transplants that were started in the dead of winter look lovely in they new home!

Garlic, planted last fall, is coming in strong. And from the looks of it, so is the chicken weed – i see lots of weed management and possibly a chicken-weed pesto in our future. 🙂

This absolutely stunning Russian Kale has overwintered in the garden and has come back this spring! It looks like it is getting ready to bloom and we might even get some seeds before too long. Such a lovely colored plant – and tastes great in stir-fries!

And i should not forget about the mint! Despite its indestructable, spreading nature, it did not take well last year, so i am very happy to see it sprout and look so happy this time around. I am looking forward to the iced mint tea in the heat of the summer already!

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